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By contactus
October 24, 2011
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What an exciting time of the year! Fall is in the air. We have had so much going on here at Dr. Kent's office. Did you happen to see our Living Social ad last month? Unbelievable! We had such an amazing response to the ad. Look for another ad in the next few month. Maybe for Dental implants? Teeth whitening? You'll have to stay tuned to see what we decide.

Some other exciting news. Next month, Dr. Kent is going to sponsor a 5K race in LaGrange. It is a inaugural race on Thanksgiving morning to benefit Beds Plus. Beds Plus works with homeless families in the LaGrange area providing hot meals, a place to stay and professional assistance. What an amazing way to feel good about yourself on Thanksgiving morning. Feel like meeting Dr. Kent and his staff that morning? Sign up for the race! We will be out there cheering on the runners. We will also be giving out discounted fliers for anyone running that day!

We hope that everyone is enjoying the season. Stay tuned as we will be offering something in our next blog!

Don't forget to floss